Term 3 2018

Dear Parents, Guardians &Caregivers

Welcome back everybody!  We are now half way through the school year and looking forward to a busy Term 3.  A warm welcome to our new students who are joining us in Term 3.

Thank you to all the parents who helped out last term; whether it is helping out with transport on a school trip, managing a team on sports days, coaching, helping the teacher out.  Fa’fetai Lava!  We really appreciate parents taking time out of their schedules to help.

It was wonderful to see such a great turn out at parent interviews.  Remember you are welcome to contact your child/ren’s teacher at any time to discuss how your child is doing.   Teachers are available in their classrooms from 8am to 8.30am or alternately feel free to email the office and this will be passed on to the teacher.  Communication between parents and teacher’s is very important and we all want the same thing, the very best for your child.

Important dates for Term 3/Start of Term 4

Monday, 16th July                                                      First day of Term 3

Thursday, 26th July                                                   Mufti day

Thursday, 9th  August                                               School Disco, 6.30-8.30pm

Friday, 10th August                                                   Teacher Only Day

Monday, 13th August                                                 Public Holiday – Father’s Day

Wednesday, 15th&Thursday 16th August                 Science Fair for Year 5 – 8 students

Friday, 17th August                                                   Netball / Ripper Rugby Tournament Yr 5-8

Wednesday, 22nd&Thursday 23rd August               School Photos (no sports uniforms on this day)

Thursday, 30thAugust                                               Mufti Day

Thursday, 13th September                                        School Assembly

Friday, 14th September                                             Volleyball Year 5-8, Robert Louis Primary School

Thursday, 20th September                                       Mufti Day.  Senior School Umu Feast

Friday, 21stSeptember                                              Last Day of Term 3

Monday, 8th October                                                Public Holiday - Lotutamaiti

Tuesday, 9th October                                               First Day of Term 4

Reminder - Relieving Teacher for Year 1 in Term 3
Leticia Retzlaff will be relieving Trish in the first 4 weeks of Term 3.  Trish will be away for her daughter’s wedding in England.

School fees
Thank you to all the parents who have set up payments for school fees.   Fees are due no later than Friday 27th July.

Preferred method of payment is direct credit at the bank or payment by cheque.  We much prefer not to accept cash and would really appreciate your support on this for security measures.  Thank you.Our bank details are as follows:
ANZ Account No.4031570

Science Fair
All senior students, Year 5 to 8 were given information about their science fair project and it is great that some students already have their projects underway.  The Science Fair is in five weeks and students will have some time to work on it during class time but will also need to work on it at home.  Projects need to be completed by Wednesday the 16th August.

Friendly Reminder
·         All students to bring sports shirts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
·         All students to be at school before 8.30am, there are too many students arriving late and missing out on the start of lessons.
·         All students to be picked up promptly by 2.30pm unless students have tutoring or homework clubPre-School students to be picked up at 1.30pm.

Thank you again for your support.


The Science fair is coming up...

Welcome to the Third Annual Science Fair at VBS.
Here at VBS we encourage our students to be inspired by the world of Science and their environment.  We know that for some students participating in the Science Fair could even be the beginning of a future career.  Therefore we are excited to have the 3rd Annual Science Fair held at Vaiala Beach School in 2018.  This is an exciting event that grows each year and we are looking forward to another inspiring Science Fair.
 So what do you need to know?
·         This year the Science Fair is over two days the 15th and 16th August (week 5 Term 3)
·         All students from year 5 – 8 must participate.
·         Students can work individually or with a partner (if you work with a partner you are entered in the year group of the oldest student)
It is important to start thinking about your project now and to begin working on it.
Your project must include the following
·         A title (often in the form of a question)
·         Your hypothesis (what do you think will happen)
·         Your background information
·         The method (your experiment written in steps)
·         Results
·         Your conclusion
What now?  Find a topic!  Think of something that interests you and you are curious about.  Be original.  Remember to think of a topic that will have an experiment with it.  Don’t do a model of the Solar System as that will not have an experiment. 
So how do you display your project?  Use cardboard to make a display board.  You may like to use an old cardboard box to cut up.  We have paint at school to make it look bright, or you may want to buy a display board from SSAB. 
Here is a timeline to help you.
Week 7 Term 2 – First Senior Syndicate Meeting
Week 8 Term 2 – Decide if you are working on your own and pick a topic.  Know your hypothesis.
Week 10 Term 2 – Start gathering any useful background information (this is your research)
Holidays – Begin your experiments, record results.
Week 1- 3 Term 3 – Have written up your background information.  Have display board.
Week 4 Term 3 – Type or write up all your information, what is your conclusion based on your results.  Glue on the information to your display board.
Week 5 Term 3 – Your Science Fair Project is all finished and ready for judging on Wednesday 15th August. 

Search this blog for Science fair and see old entries to give you some inspiration.  

VBS student makes us proud! Trip to Russia for FIFA World Cup

We are so proud of our Year 8 student Semisi Semisi who has just returned from Russia where he represented Samoa.  He was alongside young participants from 211 countries and regions of the world.

Semisi was a young journalist and you can see him doing a fantastic job in the above video.

Semisi was lucky enough to even watch the opening FIFA World Cup opening match.  This young Vaiala Beach School Student is going places!

Seki a Samoa Week 2018

Seki ā Samoa Week @ VBS
What you need to know!
All students have been put into 10 groups and will rotate around 10 different activities for the week.  Thank you to the parents who have offered to help.  The following activity times are when we will require parental help.   School starts at the normal time of 8.30am.

·         Monday, 28th May:               Activity times 10.30am – 12.30pm
·         Tuesday, 29th May:              Activity times 8.45am – 1.30pm
·         Wednesday, 30th May :       Activity times 8.45am – 1.30pm
·         Thursday, 31st May:             Shared Lunch and Mufti Day
·         Friday, 1st June:                   Independence Day March, Public Holiday
·         Monday, 4th June                 Public Holiday

All students to wear Mufti on Thursday, 31st Maywith the theme of ‘Samoa Style’.  Brush off the Puletasi or Samoan T Shirt, look sharp because we will have a school fashion parade!
Please bring a plate for our shared lunch.  We will eat at 12.00pm (do not order lunches this day). Our fridge space is limited, please bring a plate that does not require refrigeration or heating up.  Parents are welcome to join us for this celebration.
Friday:Meet beside the STA building at 5.00am(Samoa Tourism Authority opposite Catholic Cathedral, Mulivai).  All students must be in school uniform.  Please ensure that shorts are of reasonable length and all students to wear a VBS Hat.
The march is compulsory for Year 4 to Year 8 and optional for younger students.  

Thank you for your support.

Speech Competition 2018

What a wonderful event.  Thank you to all the students who entered and represented our school.
For more information click on the following link.  Samoa Observer

·         ChristineTuioti                      Technical Officer from Samoa Conservation Society
·         ElizabethAh-Hi                     Reporter from Samoa Observer
·         Dominic Forde                      Visa Operations Manager from Immigration New Zealand


Gagana Samoan
Gagana Samoan
1st  Andrina Burkhart – O le Aganu’uFa’asamoa
2nd Olive Elia – Tamaitifa’atau o loa
3rd Agnes Apelu – O la a’oaoina
Highly Commended:  Rylee Schuster – Tu ma aganuu e tatauonafaamolosia

Year 5
Year 5
1st  Charles Slaven – Junk into our Mouths
2nd  Maya Meredith – Street Vendors in Samoa
3rd  Elei Clarke – The Mau Movement
Highly Commended:  Emma Delanoue-Legarda - Mangroves

Year 6
Year 6
1st  Titus Paul – The other side of Paradise
2nd  Bella Young – Ironman
3rd  Christina Slaven – Homeless Animals
Highly Commended and Environmental Award,
 Rosaline Ah Liki – Rubbish in Paradise

Year 7
Year 7
1st  Isabella Meredith – Education in Samoa
2nd Soon-Ae Suafa – Am I a Plastic Samoan?
3rd  Isak Raccuglia - Mangroves
Highly Commended:  Kwain Auelua – My Tradition and Culture

Year 8
Year 8
1st  Harlan Mauli – If I was the Prime Minister of Samoa
2nd  Aniva Clarke – I am Samoan!
3rd  Edelphi Hunt- Samoa Independence Celebration
Highly Commended Maya B – Was does it mean to be truly Samoan?

The ‘Brave Storm Award’ is a trophy kindly donated by Cherelle Jackson. 
This award is for the first place in the Gagana SamoanCategory. – Andrina Burkhart 

We would like to thank the Samoa Conservation Society for the donation of a prize, awarded for an Environmental Speech.  Rosaline Ah Liki

Seki a Samoa Week - coming up, May 2018

During week 6 of Term 2 Vaiala Beach School are celebrating all things Samoan.

This week, ‘Seki a Samoa’ will be filled with activities and hands on learning experiences.  This special week ties in with our Term 2 school wide unit of We are Samoa - O la’u Aganu’u.

The whole school will be put into 10 groups and over 2 and a half days rotate around all the 10 activities.  We have a range of activities from Art, Food, Games and Siva.

To make this week successful we are asking our school community for their expertise, ideas or to borrow some resources.
We would like to borrow/donate:
·         Wooden Elei Printing Blocks, a range of sizes and designs. 
·         Koko Pods
·         Potato or Rice Sacks

It would be helpful to have some parents help that week as the students rotate around the activities.  Please complete the form below if you are able to help.

At the end of the week, on Thursday 31st May, we will celebrate the end of Seki a Samoa with a shared lunch and fashion show which we invite our school community to.

On this day students will share some of their creations and learning from the week.  This day will also be a special Mufti Day called Samoan Style.  Students will parade their Samoan outfits.

If you would like to contribute or have a talent that you would like to share with our students that is connected to Seki a Samoa then please complete the form at the end. 

Overview of Seki a Samoa Week

28th May, Monday – 2 Activity Rotations
29th May, Tuesday – 4 Activity Rotations
30th May, Wednesday – 4 Activity Rotations
31st May  Thursday – Mufti Day ‘Samoan Style’ – students to parade their outfit followed by   School shared lunch, all welcome
1st June, Friday – PUBLIC HOLIDAY  VBS Marching on Independence Day Parade

Independence Day March
To celebrate this great country we all live in, Vaiala beach school will be marching on Independence Day, 1st June 2018.

We want all students from Year 4 to Year 8 to participate.  For our school to be fully represented, we need to have full participation in the march.  This is also part of our Social Science topic.  Please encourage your child/children to march and have a sense of school and country pride.  Younger students from Year 2 up may like to participate and are welcome to join our march.

We hope to have a good turn-out of VBS senior students.

More details to follow about where we will meet and the time.

Term 2, 2018

Talofa Lava,

A warm welcome back to Term 2.  We hope you all had an enjoyable time with your children.  We have several new children starting at VBS and we welcome them and their families to our school community. 

A special thank you to Leticia Retzlaff who covered in Room 4 during Term 1.  We welcome back Tala Malaki as the Year 4 teacher who has returned after her maternity leave.  Congratulations from all the school community on the arrival of her and Nik’s baby daughter, Sophia.

We have a very busy and exciting term ahead.  Some important dates this term to note on your calendars.

Mon 23rd Apr             First day of Term 2
Tues 24th Apr             Digital Technology Classes held at school (Yr 5-8) run by Victoria University
Thurs 26th Apr           Mufti Day (please bring a gold coin to go towards the PA’s new playground)
Fri 4th May                  Due date for the Term 2 fees
Tues 8th May              Soccer Tournament at Tuana’imato Soccer Fields (Yr 5-8) More info to follow
Thurs 10th May            Soccer Tournament at Tuana’imato Soccer Fields (Yr 1-4)
Fri 11th May                 Teacher’s Only Day
Mon 14th May               Public Holiday Mother’s Day
Tues 22nd May             Senior Speech Competition Finals (Yr 5-8)
Mon 28th –Thurs 31st May       SEKI A SAMOA WEEK.  A celebration of all things Samoan!  Fun
activities for all students held at School.
Thurs 31st May            Mufti day – Theme ‘Samoan Style’
Fri 1st Jun                    Public Holiday – Samoa Independence
Wed 27th Jun              Parent Interviews and distribution of School Reports
Thurs 28th Jun            Mufti Day
Fri 29th Jun                 Last day of Term 2

This Term all students are participating in a school wide inquiry learning unit which celebrates all things Samoan – We are Samoa, O la’u Aganu’u (My Culture).   This will be a build up to week 6 when we will have rotation of activities for our students to participate in.  More details to follow.

Term 2 School fees
Invoices for Term 2 have already been sent out by email on Friday 06 April.  Please advise the office if you did not receive your invoice.  Due date for the Term 2 fees is Friday, 4th May 2018.

May we also remind you to use the bank deposit method for payment of all fees, using your child’s name as payment reference.  Bank Account Details:  ANZ Acc No.4031570, Vaiala Beach School.

School Drop off
A friendly reminder to take care when parking and dropping children off before school.  There have been incidents with parents reversing in cars and not seeing students walking.   The teachers no longer park in the middle of the turning bay so this area can be used as well as down below the field.  If you do require coming into the school to drop your child off, please park either down by the field or in the parking bay.  The safety of our students is our priority.

Please ensure all students are at school before 8.30am so they are ready to start their learning and be mindful that students are to be picked up at 2.00pm and all students gone by 2.30pm unless they have an after school activity.


End of Term 1 2018

School will finish on Friday, 6th April at 2.00pm.
We wish all our students a very happy holiday filled with family time.

Term 2 commences on Monday the 23rd April.  Thank you to all our parents for your support.

School Renovations, March 2018

It has been a very busy time around school with lots of construction work happening.  The finished result is a new concrete wall and drainage system behind from Room 2 to Room 7. 
This new upgrade will prevent future flooding in classes during heavy rain.  Before the work it was just dirt and mud and nowhere for the water to go but now with the new drainage system we won’t have any more problems with flooding.

There is also a new wall by the court, look out this could be the next school mural site!
Thanks to all our teachers and students who were very patient during this upgrade!  

Global Money Wise Competition 2018

Vaiala Beach School Students taking out 10 of the 20 prizes.  
Congratulations to 10 of our students who recently were awarded prizes by the Central Bank of Samoa.  The theme for the art competition was "Smart Spending = Brighter Future".

For more information visit this link.
Money Wise Compettion, Samoa Observer

Thank you to Central bank of Samoa and BSL for the prizes.

Term 1 Update 2018

05 March 2018

Talofa Parents, Guardians & Caregivers,

We are already half way through the term.  The students have settled back well to school especially our new students to the school.  Thank you to parents who ensure the students are arriving at school by 8.30am and are picking up their children promptly between 2 and 2.30pm.   There are too many students who are arriving at school after the morning bell.  This is disruptive for the teacher and students often miss out on notices and the start of lessons.  Late arrivals are recorded by the teacher.  Unless a child has tutoring or an after school activity they must be picked up by 2.30pm.

For our families that are new to Samoa it is useful to know that when the Samoan Flag is being raised or taken down it is a sign of respect to stop and stand still and look at the flag.  We now have students who blow a whistle when the flag is being raised and taken down to help us be aware that this is happening.  We appreciate our parents doing the same so students can follow your good example.

New Playground:
The Parents Association are working on their next project to construct some new areas of play for our students.  The first plans have been drawn up and the next meeting will focus on the best way to get the materials for this playground.  If you have any ideas or contacts please come along on Tuesday 13th March, 5.30pm at The Curry House.

Vaiala Beach School is now on Facebook @VaialaBeachSchool  Please like our page and share with your friends and families.  If we have not heard back from you saying that you do not want your child’s image online we will assume that it is ok.  Please advise the school if this is not the case.  Facebook will be an added but not only form of communication and we will continue to email newsletters.

Communications Survey:
 Thank you to all parents who completed the survey about best ways to communicate.  We received some good suggestions and are looking into these.  Please remind your child that in the event of a natural disaster to remain at school as they will be supervised until all our students are picked up. 

Yr 5 and 6 Cricket Tournament:
Tuesday 6 March.  All Year 5 and 6 students to be dropped at the Cricket Oval ground at Tuanaimato by 8.30am.    Please remind your child to apply sunscreen and wear a hat.  Refreshments will be available courtesy of the Cricket Association but please be advised there will be no cafeteria to purchase food.   The tournament is expected to be over by 2.30pm.

School Fees:
Thanks to all the parents who have already paid their school fees.  Cheques only will be accepted at the Office.  We encourage payment by direct credit please.
Please also note that any fees not received by this Friday 9th March will result in your child’s withdrawal from school until the fees are settled.   Any exception needs to be agreed to by the Principal.

Lunch Menu:
Please note that the “Wraps” are no longer available on the Lunch Menu starting today Monday 5th March until further notice.

DTP (Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertusis) Vaccination Follow-Up for 5 year olds:
Please be reminded that the Ministry of Health DTP Vaccination follow up for 5 year olds will take place this Friday 9th March at 9.30am.  We ask parents to ensure that the forms are returned by Tuesday 6th March 2018.

Please remember to contact the school if you have any concerns or comments.