School Information


                                                P.O. Box 619, Apia, Samoa
                                                       Phone:   20518 - Office


Vaiala Beach School, an independently owned company was established with one pupil, at Aggie Greys Flats at Vaiala in 1984.  It steadily grew over the years until it occupied two flats, which was a far cry from the original beginning of a tin shack on the water’s edge.  Cyclone Ofa, in 1990, created havoc and demolished the school and pre-empted the hasty move to Apia Park.  It was during this period that land was purchased at Vailima for the eventual establishment of permanent premises.  January 1994 saw the fruition of these plans with the opening of the new premises at Vailima. 


The year is divided into four terms.  Public Holidays are observed.

8:30 a.m.        -   School Begins
10:30 a.m.      -   10:45 a.m. – Interval
12:30 p.m.      -   1:00 p.m. – Lunch
1:30 p.m.        -   Pre-School Finishes
2:00 p.m.        -   School Finishes

We raise the Independent Samoa National Flag and sing the National Anthem every Monday morning at 8:30 a.m. and lower the flag on Friday afternoon at 1:55 p.m. We put the flag up every morning and take it down every afternoon. Please stand still when this is happening. A whistle will be blown when this is done.

The school day begins promptly at 8.30 a.m.  If a child is consistently late, a meeting needs to be arranged with the parent/guardian to discuss ways of getting the child to school on time, as it is disruptive to have students coming in late. 

Should a child need to leave school during school hours, the school must be informed in writing or by phone.  It is preferred that students are not absent during school time.  Adequate notice must be given if a child is to be absent for a long period of time. 

Teachers must be given 2 weeks’ notice if your child is absent for longer than 1 week and you require some school work during their absence.

Teachers will be at school from 8:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. daily and students will be supervised during these times.  Students must be collected from school by 2.30 p.m.  There will be NO supervision after this time.

Vaiala Beach School consists of the following:

1. Administration Block
- Principal’s Office
- Staff room/Bathroom
- Storeroom
- 3 Classrooms
- Teacher’s Flat

2. Classroom Block
- 6 Classrooms
- 4 Toilets
- Resource Room
- Library

3. Playing Fields
- Rugby field with a 2-toilet block
- Covered Netball Court
- General Playing Area

4.  Phys- Ed shed

5.  Gardeners shed

Vaiala Beach School comprises of multi-level and single level classes. Intake is from 3½ year olds to 13 year olds.

The administration has the right to refuse admission to any pupil.

Each classroom has lino and is equipped with tables and chairs, benches, sink area or access to a sink area and adequate resource materials and sports equipment for each level.

For mainstream students the ratio is approximately one teacher to 28-30 students max, including teacher aides in the new entrants’ class and in Years 1-3.  There are a total of 11 full time teachers, 2 Samoan teachers, 5 full time teacher aides who also clean after school, 1 part time teachers aide who does testing, 2 groundsmen, 2 Administrators and the Principal.

In the event that a classroom teacher is absent we will call upon approved casual teachers to replace the classroom teacher.  If no replacement teachers can be found the class will be split up in to other classes until a reliever can be found, or the Samoan teacher will take the class under the guidance of Annie and Tala.

School curriculum is based on a combination of the New Zealand/Australian and Samoan curriculums with close attention to local needs and expectations.  The school has up to date teacher/pupil resource material, which is mostly purchased overseas.

All students are required to take Samoan three times a week and students are divided in to the advanced group and the beginners group.  Please encourage your children to have a positive attitude towards these classes.

All students are expected to participate in sporting activities weekly - including class phys-ed lessons on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  If a child is unable to participate please contact the school. Pre-School sporting activities are on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The school policy is that every child is expected to do homework.  Parents need to supervise homework.  It is important to establish good routines from the beginning and that students have the discipline to do homework on their own, as they get older.  Reading covers need to be signed from Monday to Thursday.  Please ensure your child brings back their reading covers each day.  No new book will be issued if this is not returned.  If you have any concerns regarding the homework, please do not hesitate to contact the Classroom Teacher, the Senior Teacher or the Principal if you are still concerned.

Children are timetabled to use the school library weekly. 

Please check that children return their library books every week.  It is a good idea for children to have a separate book bag to avoid damage to the books.

SCHOOL FEES (all fees in SAT)

School fees per term:
Citizens and Permanent Residents:
Temporary Residents/ Short Term Enrolments:
Year 1 – 8
New Enrolments
Short Term (weekly rate)

Verification of immigration status will be required.

Fees are payable within the first two weeks of each term unless prior arrangements are made.  An invoice will be issued and fees are payable directly to Vaiala Beach School Account No. 4031570 at ANZ Bank (Samoa) Ltd.  A receipt will be given when the payment is received. This will be given to your child or may be picked up from the office.

Interest will be charged at a rate of 10% for any fees not showing in the school account by the due date. 

Students will not be permitted to attend school if fees have not been paid by the end of the 5th week of the term. 

No VAGST is payable on school fees.  No reduction of fees will be made if a child is absent from school.  If you are going on holiday during the term, school fees must be paid during this period also.  No refund will be given if a student is leaving school after week 5 of the term.  Once a place has been accepted school fees will be charged from this date. 

A building fund of $500 per family is payable for all new pupils on admission to school.  The building fund is used for new buildings or to pay off loans for buildings.  This payment is for a nuclear family and not transferrable to extended family members.

There are additional charges for stationery.  Stationery is issued on the first day of the year and throughout the year for new students arriving.  This is a general supply of books, pencils, etc.    A paper/computer fee is included in the stationery fee for all students.

The school uniforms can be purchased from Eveni Carruthers in the Carruthers Building (on Main Beach Road). 

All students wear a unisex Dri-Fit polo shirt which is navy blue and purple with a white contrast and logo on the left hand side of the garment.  Please don’t iron the Dri-Fit shirts.  The students also wear unisex long navy shorts (no denim permitted). 

The school caps are navy with ‘Vaiala Beach School’ embroidered in purple.  All children are expected to wear their school caps when outside. No other caps are permitted.

All students need to arrive at school and leave school in their correct Vaiala Beach School Polo shirt, hat and shorts.  On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays all students participate in sports lessons.  All students must wear their house colour shirts during the sports lesson only.  These are EveniSport Cotton Tees in royal blue, green, yellow and red – these do not have the Vaiala Beach school logo on them as they are only worn within the school grounds.  There will be time for students to change before and after each sports session. 

This year we have a ‘no hat no play’ policy.  All students need to wear their Vaiala Beach School cap during lunch time and playtime.

There will be random uniform checks to ensure that the correct and complete uniform, including shorts and hat is being worn.  Students will not be admitted to assembly without proper school uniform.

All uniforms and footwear are to be labelled with your child’s name.

Jandals or Sandals.  As no footwear is to be worn inside the classroom, please ensure footwear can be readily taken on and off unassisted.

Earrings & Jewellery
If earrings are worn, please wear studs only.  Only stud earrings are permitted for reasons of security and safety.  No other jewellery is allowed at school (eg. Bangles, necklaces etc).

Long hair should be tied back.  No sharp objects are to be worn in the hair.

School Bags
All students need to have a named school bag, which can be hung on the hook provided in the classroom.

No child will be allowed to leave the grounds to go to the shops, therefore students need to bring adequate lunch (preferably in an airtight container) and drink for the day.  No glass bottles please.  As we have two breaks a day, please provide enough food to meet your child’s needs. 

Lunches are available daily if you require your child to buy lunch.  Lunches are pre-ordered through Lucia’s Catering and they are delivered to the school in time for the 12:30pm lunch break.

Lucia’s Catering provides a varied selection for your child’s needs.  No fizzy drinks or lollies are sold at the canteen. No fizzy drinks or lollies are allowed at school.  The school recommends only water and niu.

All pre-order lunches are to be placed in the wooden box outside Room 5 no later than  9:00am in a sealed envelope or zip lock bag with:

1. Your child's name

2. Your child's room number

3. Your child's order

4. The correct money (the office is unable to provide change)

Students have adequate playing facilities.  At interval and lunch breaks, students must all be outside unless a child has a note to say otherwise.

If your child is sick or has an accident at school, parents will be informed immediately.  In extreme cases, a child will be taken directly to the Enosa and Sons Health Consultancy at the Moto’otua Plaza, Moto’otua, phone: 30235, email: or directly to ‘Emergency’ at the National Hospital.  Any costs incurred will be passed on to parents.

If you have any objection to your child being taken to the Enosa and Sons Health Consultancy Clinic in the case of an emergency, you need to put this in writing to the principal.

If a child contracts a contagious disease i.e. hepatitis, measles, mumps, chicken pox, typhoid, influenza, TB etc. please keep the child at home.  A medical clearance will be required if a child has been absent for three days or more.

All open sores should be covered. 

To help prevent the spread of head lice/eggs the school will randomly check each student.  Head lice must be treated at home. 

If a child has a doctor’s or dentist’s appointment, please try to make these after 2:00pm.

The Health Department checks children’s general health once or twice a year.  The Dental Department may do random checks on children’s teeth.  Immunisation forms are sent home for 5 year olds.  This is only done with parental permission.

If your child cannot do sport or phys-ed due to health reasons a note will be required.

Any child whom the administration considers is not behaving appropriately, i.e. fighting, swearing, stealing and bullying will be dealt with by the Administration, and parents will be informed.  The class teacher and the senior teacher will deal with minor matters.  There will be no corporal punishment administered at Vaiala Beach School.

The school staff is entitled to have up to three pupil-free days a year for professional development.  There is no school for children on these days.  Parents will be notified ahead of time.

Individual assessment folders are kept on all students and these are updated mid-year and at the end of the year.  Reports are issued twice a year and parent/teacher interviews are held mid-way through the year.

Parents/guardians are always welcome to discuss their child’s progress with the Class Teacher/Principal.  Please make an appointment.

If you require extra interviews, other than the scheduled parent/teacher interviews, it would be appreciated if you could make an appointment to see the Principal or the teachers so that you can have our full attention without interruptions.

The school is always available to discuss any query a parent/guardian may have.  The classroom teacher may handle initial queries and the Deputy Principal is available for any issues that require further management.  Please make an appointment for a mutually agreeable time.

We ask that all communication with teachers is constructive and non-confrontational.

Anyone wishing to see a student during school hours must contact the Administrator or the Deputy Principals first.

At Vaiala Beach School communication with our school community is very important.  We use a variety of means to do this including our school blog ( and facebook (

If you do not want your child’s photo on any of these means of communication – please contact the school.

Parent helpers are welcomed and encouraged in the classrooms.  Please contact the school or your child’s teacher if you would like to play a more active role in your child’s education.

On enrolment, parents give details relating to address and phone numbers.  If any of these details change please notify the school.

All of our school computers are now connected to Internet and most classrooms have access to computers. The school has 10 laptops that are available for students to use daily. If you would like to help tutor students on the computer please contact the teachers concerned. 

The expense of providing facilities and equipment necessitates some fund-raising activities during the year.  Adequate notice will be given and parents’/guardians’ support will be appreciated. There is a Parents Association who fundraise for the school.

Class and school assemblies are performed throughout the year and parents are welcome to attend these. 

School excursions are encouraged.  Written notification will be provided for any impending trips.  Because permission forms have been signed for trips on your child’s enrolment form this procedure is not required for every trip your child goes on.

School photos are taken annually.  The current system is a pre-pay system.  Photos will be re-taken if we consider the photos are unacceptable.

If school materials are lost or damaged, parents of the child must replace, repair or pay the replacement cost.  This includes reading covers and library books.  If there is wilful damage by a pupil to school property, parents will be responsible for the costs of the damage.

Students are to be discouraged from bringing valuable items to school.  Any such items should be handed to the classroom teacher for safety.  No expensive toys, large amounts of cash, video games or trading cards please.  The school will not be held responsible if these items go missing.

Items will be stored in Pre-School Room 9.  Please contact the school to view lost property.  We display lost property every Friday.

Cell phones are not permitted at school unless a letter of consent is provided by the student’s parent/guardian.  Where consent is provided the cell phone must be turned off during classes.  The school will not be held responsible if cell phones are damaged or go missing.

Students will be permitted to leave the school compound only when the person collecting them has reached the top of the roundabout.  Vehicles are not permitted in the upper compound.  If you need to park your car, please park in such a manner to avoid hindering the flow of traffic on the roundabout.  No cars are to park on the roundabout.  If you wish to park outside the school compound, you must walk in to get your child.  No child is allowed to walk down to the road or to the bottom of the field to meet their car.  Parents must come up to the main gate area and collect the children.  

If you want your child/children to walk home from school this must be put in writing and given to the office.

In the event of an emergency we have an evacuation procedure for all classes.  Evacuation procedures are practised during the year.

Newsletters are sent home regularly or emailed as these are an important link between school and home.  Please take time to read these and keep informed about your child and school.  Teachers may sometimes send home notes specifically for their own classes.

We have established a school, which facilitates learning in a safe environment where staff and students are encouraged to be sensitive to the needs of others and where the spirit of co-operation is maintained.  Our focus is that the children are assisted in developing responsibility for their own behaviour and attitude.  As such, there is less emphasis on formal rules, however, in class and at Assembly students will be reminded of expected conduct appropriate to the situations encountered whilst at school.