The school uniform can be purchased from Carruthers in the Carruthers Building (on Main Beach Road). 

All students wear a unisex Dri-Fit polo shirt which is navy blue and purple with a white contrast and logo on the left hand side of the garment.  Please don’t iron the Dri-Fit shirts.  The students also wear unisex long navy shorts. 

The school caps are navy with ‘Vaiala Beach School’ embroidered in purple.  All children are expected to wear their school caps when outside.

The uniform is to be worn to and from school every day.  There will be random uniform checks to ensure that the correct and complete uniform, including shorts and hat, is being worn.  Students will not be admitted to assembly without proper school uniform.

As we have fitness on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays your child will need to bring a PE shirt in their house colour (red, yellow, blue or green)

All uniforms and footwear are to be labelled with your child’s name.

Jandals or Sandals.  As no footwear is to be worn inside the classroom, please ensure footwear can be readily taken on and off unassisted.

Earrings & Jewellery
If earrings are worn, please wear studs only.  Only stud earrings are permitted for reasons of security and safety.  No other jewellery (eg. Bangles, necklaces etc) is allowed at school.

Long hair should be tied back.  No sharp objects are to be worn in the hair.

School Bags
All students need to have a named school bag, which can be hung on the hook provided in the classroom.